Status of Infrastructure development in Noida sectors

We have received many questions from our readers regarding the status of external developments in their sector of interest. While we are actively raising RTIs with the concerned authorities, we might not have exact details of the ongoing and planned development thereof.

To help our readers gauge the status of development work in their sector, we are sharing this link published by Noida Authority:

The above has the list of Work In progress (as of June, 2014) and Planned infra development for various work circles where each work circle comprise of a specific set of sectors.
For quick reference, we are listing below a mapping of work circle with some of the upcoming sectors in Noida:

Work Circle 3– Sector 45,100
Work Circle 5– Sector 70,121,123
Work Circle 6– Sector 119,122
Work Circle 8– Sector 82,93,105,108,110,137,143
Work Circle 9– Sector 128,129,131, 132,134,135,167
Work Circle 10– Sector 150,151

The readers may also refer the link below to view live tenders for their region:

The users need to select ‘New Okhla Industrial Development Authority’ as the Organization to view currently invited and live tenders at the above link.

Hope the above helps.

Comments/Feedback invited.

Last updated: March 3, 2015 at 16:36 pm

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