Future of Sector 150 and 151 Noida

As a first presence in the region, Jaypee had launched its project Aman in sector 151 long back in year 2009.
What differentiated it from other projects in NCR was the huge central space on offer.
With at least 150 meters space between two towers, this indeed was meant for appeasing claustraphobic people.
The telescopic flood plains in the background further felt like a breath of fresh air.
However, the slow progress of the project coupled with the dearth of delivery in Noida expressway sectors before 151 meant that peace of ownership is still far away.

Sector 150 enjoys almost the same benefits as 151. However, sector 150 being nearer to Kondli village on one side, may not be all that appealing. This along with sector 150 however is considered the greenest belt in otherwise concreted NCR.

A recent notification by UPSEB also suggests that sector 150 would be the first no overhead wire zone along with commercial region of sector 18 in entire NCR. The wires would be laid through RCC Ducts which can also be used for other optical wire services.

Our suggestions on the project in the region:

1) Jaypee Aman ( 1 & 2): Being at advanced stages than other projects, this could turn out to be an excellent buy in long run (window of 5 to 7 years). Great site plan and telescopic views of yamuna greens are a definite positive. Commercial region in sector 153 at the forefront of the sector can help make it livable sooner.

2) ATS Pristine: Brisk pace as always, the location too is better than others in sector 150. This surely would be the landmark for the region.

Other projects are either from not so well known builders or do not enjoy a good location (like Mahagun is sandwiched between two projects partially facing the village). Few are very near the Yamuna river like Antriksh golf city and its adjoining projects.

Coming back to the sector potential, the vast expanse of greenery is definitely the biggest plus of the region. Growth of these sectors would also mean growth of Greater Noida thereafter. All eyes are now on ATS Pristine to bring the necessary filip to the region.

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Last updated: March 9, 2015 at 16:55 pm

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