A prediction – Best investment of year 2015-2016 for Noida/Greater Noida region

Having looked at the best investments of 2014 in our previous post, one thing is certain-in this patchy phase that real estate is going through, builder and location is going to be the key to returns. Also as seen during the last year, the peak returns were achieved during the offer of possession phase.
We list below our predictions of the projects that may yield good returns in next 2-4 years term (not in order of returns):

Gulshan Ikebana (Buy below 4500)
With possession expected in year 2016, the above average builder (at a decent location going forward) is expected to yield good returns for the buyers in 2-4 years time span.

Logix blossom county (Buy below 5200)
This project has been delayed beyond expectations. But with possession nearing for at least few towers, there is a sense of positivity around.

Jaypee Klassic (Buy below 4500)
With structure work nearing completion for all projects in this side of jaypee township, this is shaping up well as a livable society. Beware of the fact that there are going to be many flats competing for returns in the same township. Hence, returns would always be under control.

ATS Pristine (Buy below 5000)
By 2017, life is expected to begin here. Even though location is nothing to take note of, a thoroughly professional builder can ensure it becomes the heart of this developing region.

Gaur Saundaryam (Buy below 4000)
Good location in Noida Extension for people working in Noida 6x, this is expected to yield reasonable returns in 4-5 years time span by when 100% possession could be a realty.

Stellar one (To be launched-buy below 3800)
This is a much awaited launch in Noida Extension. At a reasonable location and coming from one of the best builders of the region, this can be a profitable buy in 4-5 years term.

It is also advised that within the project, you shall look for preferential units for better returns. A park/open facing corner unit would be a good choice.

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Last updated: February 23, 2015 at 11:44 am

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