Best projects in sector 7x noida

We have discussed about forecast of various projects in sector 7x Noida previously under the following posts:

Today, we discuss what are possibly the best projects in sector 7x Noida that includes sectors 74, 75, 76, 78 and 79 and why we feel so. You are free to share your counter views for reader’s benefit.
The main criterion used while coming up with the list are the 1) Builder’s credential and recent performance, 2)
Location, 3) Build quality (anticipated or as seen) and 4) Maintenance (anticipated or as seen)

Ashiana Homes in sector 79: is on top of our list. Post Ashiana’s Black Gold project in Greater Noida and Ashiana Upvan and greens project in Indrapuram, Ashiana found interest among buyers. Ashiana’s Raj Nagar extn. and NH24 project are further cementing itself as an epitome of success.
We anticipate a top notch quality and maintenance from this project of Ashiana. Location may not be as appealing as its counterpart but the relatively less dense and anticipated quality project is expected to do better than the others in distant future.
Current rates in the project are 4900-5100.

Assotech windsor court in sector 78: Assotech has been the slowest of its neighbors. The project has however come up well
and the quality seems to be better than the ones completed.
Current rates in the project are 5400-5600

Sunshine Helios in sector 78: Termed as the rising star among new entrants, the quality is above average and a grand look
is given to the society. With low density, this would have been better than few others in the list had it not been for
its narrow road entry and inexperience.
Current rates in the project are 5200-5500

Mahagun Moderne in sector 78: Quick pace development and an average quality (which is still than others by many
standards) has turned buyers in favor of the project. Although high rises look congested, low rise floors are good buy
Current rates in the project are 5400-5600

Prateek Wisteria in sector 77: A lot is talked about Prateek’s quality. We found it average. When compared with others on
quality and layout, this is better.
Current rates in the project are 5300-5600

Comments/Feedback invited.

Last updated: December 21, 2014 at 18:15 pm

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I’m planning to buy an 3 BHK apartment in sector 7X. Based on feedbacks from people I got interested in Mahagun Moderne and Prateek Wisteria. Are they best after ATS in this area? Which is of them is better? Is there any expectation of price increase in these projects? What would be a good price to go with in these projects for 6th or 7th floor apartment? OR Is any other better project recommended in this area?


Wonder why Ajnara Grand Heritage is not mentioned here. People have found its quality and layout quite better than many including the popular PW and Sunshine Helios in 7x region. The only issue is the builder’s attitude and behaviour towards its customers and the delay in possession.


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Would you suggest Gaur Saundaryam .. Luxury project and is at Gaur Chakkar. It’s cheap as compared… I am looking from 4 yrs down the line


How about gaur sportswood and gaur saundaryam in comparison with ashiana


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